Baton Rouge Walls Project

We’re going to paint the town—literally.

Launch Media had the opportunity to produce the Kickstarter video for the BR Walls Project, a collaborative initiative to enhance Baton Rouge’s burgeoning visual arts scene in downtown Baton Rouge. The video “captured our story so well and it has helped us raise 20 percent of our initial funds via Kickstarter in only 15 days,” Kathryn Thorpe, Co-Curator of the BR Walls Project, said. “Our mission is to foster creativity that inspires community change, unity and growth.”

Our team was equally excited to get involved with the project. “The BR Walls Project will give local artists a platform and a larger stage to express and establish themselves in Baton Rouge,” John Jackson, Launch Media’s Executive Producer, said. “Our goal with the video was to reinforce and educate the viewers about public art and how it reflects community views of it’s importance and it’s affect on our quality of life.” John supports the local arts by sponsoring and chairing many art and cultural organizations. He and his wife also curate the Jackson Gallery, which showcases some of the best work of local Baton Rouge visual artists.

A short interview with Kathryn Thorpe:
Q: How did you and your partner, Casey Phillips, come up with the idea for the BR Walls Project?
A: About 8 months ago, after moving to Baton Rouge from Los Angeles, CA, we noticed such a huge lack of Art around BR, and we were inspired to enliven our new surroundings. We started talking about this with some close friends here and realized we believed in the project to make it happen.

Q: How would you describe the culture of Baton Rouge?
A: The culture in BR is definitely getting stronger due largely to organizations such as The Arts Council, The Manship, Shaw Center, BR Gallery, Stabbed In The Art and all the wonderful local art stores that provide Art Lessons for all ages. However, all of this is inside the walls, our purpose is to have artists/visionaries express themselves in the form of Public Art.

Q: Why do you believe Baton Rouge needs this project?
A: We believe Baton Rouge needs this project because there is a lack of Visual Art, which we believe to be vital in a city’s identity.

Q: Explain your goals for Phase I and II for the BRwallsproject:
Phase I: In Phase One, artists will transform the existing beige and grey walls of Downtown into modern works of art. The first murals will be painted in the Arts District along Fourth St. then spread throughout the rest of downtown.
Phase II: In Phase Two, a mobile art installation component will be added in partnership with the Lamar Advertising Company. The Baton Rouge based company will print artwork on large, vinyl banners that fasten to buildings creating an outdoor gallery setting. This mobile extension of the mural project will open the submissions process to all visual art disciplines including fine art, graphic design, and photography.

The BR Walls Project has received much support from the local community, but it still has a long way to go before it can fully launch. The project only has 3 days left to raise money on their Kickstarter site. However, if they are a dollar short of the $25 thousand, they will not receive any of the funding. So please help spread the word by asking your friends and family to be part of an ART MOVEMENT IN BATON ROUGE.

Click the link below to donate!


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  1. Wes says :

    Awesome article for an awesome project!!

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